Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Les Visible commentary on the physical and metaphysical worlds.

Foreword || About Les Visible

Back before the filth and depravity of rap there was such a thing as poetry that arrived on that sweet vehicle of inspiration. I never thought it would get like it is. Some of us still write this way but the cloven-hoofed Prince of Darkness won't let us on the airwaves.

I take comfort in what the ineffable told me when I was mourning in the privacy of my thoughts.

He said, "Well, Visible, who did you write these songs for?"

I replied, You Lord."

He answered, "Well, I heard them." and at that, the sun burst through the clouds in my mind and my eyes rained down tears upon the joy of that moment.



vis-2020.jpgVisible is a writer and recording artist with a number of books and music CDs in circulation and the author of several blogs on contemporary mores and metaphysical subject matter.


The centerpiece of his existence is the presence of the ineffable - who fills his being and all of space.


EVERYTHING ELSE is of secondary concern, including all those dubious accomplishments mentioned in the first paragraph.

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